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Gender (N/A)
Species Demon
Occupation Former Director of the Special Sciences Service
First Comic Appearance B.P.R.D.: 1946 #1

Varvara is a demon who has taken the form of a young Russian girl. She is the former director of the Special Sciences Service.


Varvara was part of a trinity of demons that had aided the Asiatic people in battle "for as long as men had placed faith in dark behind stars." The trinity was discovered and summoned by Peter the Great's advisors to help him turn the tides against the Swedes in the Great Northern War. The demons granted Peter's wishes, but they came with a price. The first demon would take the lives of all of Peter's future sons, so that his name would not live on; the second demon would take his heart, so he would be filled with cruelty and bring only pain to anyone he came in contact with; the third demon would take his soul. As the first two demons took what Peter owed, the third walked amongst the battlefield and was captivated by the brutality brought out by humans, and so decided to stay in the mortal world, thus abandoning the bounty, which was also its passage home.

The Third Demon

The Third Demon

For many years the demon wandered the earth, always changing its appearance, and in time it came to an understanding of humanity. Centuries later, the demon had assumed the shape of a young Russian girl, calling herself Varvara, and aligned herself with the Soviet Union, eventually becoming head of the Russian Special Sciences Service.

In 1946, the demon now known as Varvara was stationed in Soviet-occupied Berlin, gathering occult objects and keeping secret prisoners affiliated with the Nazi paranormal experiments for questioning. It was then that Varvara first encountered Professor Trevor Bruttenholm, who sought for any information related to the " Hellboy Incident". Varvara was already aware that the demon (Hellboy) was under the professor's care. However, Varvara declined to share any information until she and her organization had made a truce with Bruttenholm related to their common goal regarding Project Vampir Sturm. Their alliance led to the successful foiling of an attempt by Herman von Klempt to launch a rocket loaded with vampires at the United States. In the aftermath, Varvara was impressed by Bruttenholm and has since then she considered him her favorite human.

In 1947, Varvara appeared at the New Mexico Air Force base where the B.P.R.D. was then stationed to discuss the recent killings of ex-Nazis with Professor Bruttenholm, which they both knew to be the work of Baron Konig. In 1952, Varvara approached Malcolm Frost, who was planning to kill Professor Bruttenholm in order to gain access to eliminating Hellboy, and threatened him from ever harming Bruttenholm after she murdered Frost's underling Robert Amsel via spontaneous combustion.[1]

At some point after Varvara's multiple meetings with Professor Bruttenholm regarding the vampire activity in Europe, Varvara was overthrown as Director of the Special Sciences Service. Tired of working in constant fear of her explosive temper and violent way of handling things, a coup was arranged by most of the members of the department to incapacitate Varvara. This lead to her current situation, being magically imprisoned within a glass case in the office of Iosif Nichayko, who has since become the new Director of the S.S.S. Recently Varvara attempted to make a deal with a group of lesser demons who had escaped from Hell, but so far their attempts to free her have been unsuccessful.


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