Gender Male
Species Cyborg
Occupation Super-soldier
First Comic Appearance Hellboy: Wake the Devil

Unmensch was a cyborg Nazi in the service of Ilsa Haupstein.

History Edit

Main article: Wake the Devil

When Hellboy crashes through the roof of Giurescu Castle, Unmensch is ordered to attack him. Hellboy is hit several times with Unmensch's powerful mechanical arm, before the two go crashing through the floor, where Unmensch disappears. However, Hellboy does managed to discover the mechanichal monster's detatched arm, and later, his severed head.

Abilities Edit

Similar to Mr. Winks from the second Hellboy film, Unmensch's mechanical arm can extend due to a chain linking to his fist. Unmensch has enhanced strength.


  • A term used often by Germans to denounce Nazis, the word if a combining of the German word for "human", "Mensch", and the negate prefix "un-". "Unmensch" can mean "Inhuman", which plays in reference to both a monstrous appearance and sadistic behavior.

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