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Ualac 001
Gender Male
Species Demon
First Comic Appearance Box Full of Evil

Ualac is a minor demon who appears in the Hellboy story: "Box Full of Evil."


In the year 1802, Pope Gregory VII wrote a letter to the Bishop of Milan telling him how a devil, disguised as a woman, attempted to seduce Saint Dunstan who was working as a blacksmith. Dunstan saw through this disguise and grabbed this devil by the ankle with red hot tongs. He placed the devil's head upon his anvil and beat it with a hammer until eventually he was able to trap the devil in a box and seal it with holy symbols. 

The warlock Igor Bromhead delivered this box to Count Guarino and his wife Bellona along with the key to unlock it. Once opened, a fly flew out, possessing Bellona and turned the Count into a monkey. The demon attempted to curse Bromhead as well, but Igor came prepared. He trapped the demon with a spell and Saint Dunstan's own holy tongs before revealing the demon's name as Ualac. Bromhead was able to learn Ualac's name from the inside of the box and this gave him power over the minor demon.

Ualac immediately informed Bromhead of the presence of Hellboy and they hatched a plot to steal his power and kill him.  Bromhead was able to bind Hellboy by the name Anung Un Rama, allowing Ualac to steal the Crown of the Apocalypse and assume Hellboy's role as the Beast of the Apocalypse.  This changed Ualac, causing him to grow in size and become more powerful.  Ualac was powerful enough to overcome his previous weakness to Saint Dunstan's tongs and change them into a sword so that he might cut off Hellboy's right hand and release the Ogdru Hem.

Fortunately, Hellboy slipped into a vision where he was given some very helpful advice by a leprechaun, Dagda, and Sir Edward Grey. Although he could not see who was speaking to him, they informed Hellboy that due to Ualac's possession of the Crown of the Apocalypse Hellboy no longer was bound by the name Anung Un Rama. Hellboy stood up and battled with Ualac, eventually destroying his new body. Ualac attempted to escape, again in the form of a fly but Hellboy was able to capture him.  The demon Astaroth then appeared to Hellboy. He reimprisoned Ualac and informed Hellboy that his crown would be waiting for him in Hell.

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