Tony Masso's Finest Hour

Dhp 09 001
Written by Mike Mignola
Illustrated by Joe Querio
Colored by Dave Stewart
Lettered by Clem Robins
Originally Published in Dark Horse Presents #9
Date Published February 2012
Trade Paperback Lobster Johnson – Volume 3: Satan Smells a Rat

Tony Masso's Finest Hour is a short story featuring the Lobster, published in Dark Horse Presents #9 in February 2012.


The story takes place in 1933 on Glenn Cove, Long Island. Tony Masso, a mob boss, has been pardoned his murder crime and set free. Lobster Johnson pursues him to his home, killing all his men to get to him. Masso is furious he is not protected by the priest-like man he is harbouring to shelter a frog-creature, but the priest reminds him he protected him from man's law, not justice. Furious, Masso shoots and kills the priest and attempts to kill the frog monster, but he hears a voice in his head offering him a deal. Tony Masso wants to beat the Lobster; the voice accepts and transfers Masso's consciousness into the frog creature's.

Inhabiting the creature's body, Masso now has the strength and ability to subdue the Lobster, which he does so. Unfortunately, before he can deal the killing blow, his body turns to stone, the voice in his head justifying it by stating Masso only wanted to beat the Lobster, not kill him. Masso's stone-cold body topples out of the window and breaks when it comes into contact with the ground. Thus, Masso dies, the Lobster survives, and justice is served.

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