Thoth 002
Gender Male
Species Hyperborean
Family Seven Unknown Sons
Occupation King of the Hyperborean Empire

Thoth was the last great King of the Hyperboreans. He is credited with inventing the written word and famously ordered a statue built in the capital city of Gorinium. This statue, a testament to the power of the Hyperborean people, contained the Right Hand of the Watcher Anum. Much of Thoth's knowledge is thanked to a trio of outcast Watchers who resided in his secret garden. He recorded the knowledge of these angels onto forty two books, of which only two were revealed to his people, with the remaining forty being kept for himself.

Sometime during his reign as King, Thoth decided that the his kingdom should spread farther as the "light of the world". To this end, he sent his seven sons to build new cities and chose seven women, each blessed with the secret fire of Vril, to serve as the living hearts and power sources of the new cities.

Thoth was later seduced and tricked by the goddess later known as Hecate to gaining access to the Watchers and steal their knowledge by murdering them and drinking their blood. Thoth soon realized of Hecate's treachery and cursed her by turning her into a half-woman, half-serpent creature. By then it was already too late for Thoth from preventing the Watchers' knowledge spread across Hyperborea and causing the downfall of the Hyperborean civilization.

Gallery Edit

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