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The Right Hand of Doom

DHP Ann 98
Written by Mike Mignola
Illustrated by Mike Mignola
Colored by Dave Stewart
Lettered by Pat Brosseau
Edited by Scott Allie
Originally Published in Dark Horse Presents Annual 1998
Date Published August 1998
Collected in Hellboy – Volume 4: The Right Hand of Doom
Library Edition Hellboy – Volume 2

Hellboy meets with Adrian Frost and recounts his life story.

Publication HistoryEdit

"The Right Hand of Doom" was published in black and white, as part of the Dark Horse Presents Annual 1998, in August 1998 (dated September). The story was reprinted in color in Hellboy: vol. 4 The Right Hand of Doom. In the trade this story was connected to Box Full of Evil by way of a new epilogue.


Hellboy travels to Spain to meet with a priest Adrian Frost, son of Malcolm Frost. Malcolm had been present at Hellboy's 'birth' and had spent eight years trying to have Hellboy destroyed. Adrian Frost shows Hellboy a scrap of paper written in Lemurian, with a picture of Hellboy's hand that reads "Behold The Right Hand of Doom." Adrian Frost agrees to give the text to Hellboy in return for hearing Hellboy's life story.

Hellboy recounts his 'birth' in England, childhood in New Mexico and his joining of the B.P.R.D. in 1952. Briefly Hellboy describes the events of Seed of Destruction, "The Chained Coffin" and Wake the Devil focusing on his alleged destiny. Frost asks about the Hand, and Hellboy suggests he might cut it off, but Frost retorts that it would never be safe. Hellboy leaves with the blessing of Adrian Frost, still skeptical of his 'destiny.'

Story ChronologyEdit

The story takes place in 1998. The story does not state this explicitly. However, Hellboy says that Trevor Bruttenholm was killed four years ago, and Seed of Destruction occurred in 1994. So the story probably goes after Abe Sapien versus Science, but before Box Full of Evil.

Hellboy: Blood and IronEdit

In the Hellboy Animated movie Blood and Iron, a parchment fragment, just like the one in "The Right Hand of Doom" can be seen in a flashback towards the end of the movie. In the scene Malcolm Frost and Trevor Bruttenholm briefly discuss the parchment.

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The Right Hand of Doom
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