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Sarah Jewell
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation 19th century Paranormal Investigator
Creator Mike Mignola
First Comic Appearance Rise of the Black Flame #1

Sarah Jewell was an American occultist and partner of Sir Edward Grey.


Sarah Jewell began her first encounter in the paranormal when she became an exorcist to exorcise a poltergeist haunting in an asylum. Soon afterward, Jewell traveled across the world. In one adventure, she slain a manticore in Persia.

Eventually, Jewell arrived in London, at a the Silver Lantern Club, where she frequent with all manners of eccentrics and adventurers. This is where she first met Sir Edward Grey. She and Grey worked together for a few years in a solid partnership.

When Grey decided to hunt down the remains of the Heliopic Brotherhood of Ra and left his country in 1908, Jewell decided to tag along. But after some years, the two separated. Jewell later became acquainted with Marie-Therese Lafleur while adventuring in Louisiana.

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