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Queen of Blood
Nimue 002
Alias(es) Nimue, Vivienne
Gender Female
Species Human
Occupation Witch
First Comic Appearance "The Wild Hunt" #2 (mentioned in Darkness Calls #3)

The Queen Blood is the Lady of the Lake known as Nimue.


In life, she was known as Nimue, and lived during the reign of King Arthur, and was beloved by Merlin, who told her all of his secrets. She used this knowledge to imprison him alive inside of a grave, but, without Merlin to guide her, it drove her to madness and eventually to worship the Ogdru Jahad. Her powers were so great, that all the other witches killed her, cut her into many pieces and scattered them all over the earth. However, the pieces would always rejoin, so they imprisoned the body parts inside of a wooden box and buried Nimue in a deep hole within the earth.

Years later, in the events of Darkness Calls, the witches of Britain try to find a new leader after Hecate was disposed of. After Hellboy refusing the position outright, Gruagach arrives at their meeting and nominates Nimue. The witches eventually agree despite their reservations, giving Gruagach a letter so he and his two companions can have the giant overseeing the seal assist them. Once removing Nimue's prison from its resting place, the giant descends into the hole as he knows what will surely ensue if she's released.


Nimue revived

Sometime after, during the events of the The Wild Hunt, Gruagach was approached by an old man who turns out to be Astaroth in human form. He gives Gruagach a Ciborium that contains the blood of the inhabitants of a nearby human village. After pouring the blood into the box, the Queen of Blood arises. After settling her score with the remaining Witches of England, the majority having drowned themselves to escape her wrath and the horror the world now faces, Nimue demands that an army be marshaled for her. She continues to sit upon the hill, telling Gruagach that her army is coming. She also tells him that her followers are currently searching for Hellboy, and promises that when the time is right she will make Gruagach strong again and that she will deliver Hellboy to him.

She is then greeted by an ambassador from Uddsvik, the king of Jutland. The messenger relays warm regards from the king, who brings promises that he and all the kings of the north will have their armies fight for her. After the messenger presents her with a crown, she tells him to hammer into a knife so that he may murder his king, cut out his heart and throw it into a furnace so the ambassador would make her an iron helmet in the shape of three ravens joined together and bearing the names Badhbh, Macha, and Mor-Rioghain.. Nimue expresses her intention to be known her not as the Queen of Witches, but as the Goddess of War.

Later, when Hellboy retrieves the sword Excalibur, she wonders what Morgan Le Fay has planned and says that it makes no difference. As she continues to wait for the arrival of her army, Gruagach demands that she make him strong again. When he suggests that she lacks the power to do so, she flies into a rage and casts him away before disappearing with her followers.

The Storm and The FuryEdit

Having killed Queen Mab, using her blood to empower a fairy in her service to kill Hellboy, Nimue eventually begins to gather her forces to begin the war with an army of British loyalty raising from the grave to oppose her. However, learning too late and expressing denial of the revelation, Nimue is revealed to have chosen by the Ogdru Jahad to serve as their vessel in their premature return to the world as their possession causes her body to transform.

By the time Hellboy arrived and knocked her helmet off, Nimue is completely possessed by the Ogdru Jahad as they turn her into a dragon-like creature to attack Hellboy while Nimue's army begins its attack. As Alice learned from the spirit of Queen Mab, this battle will mark the beginning of the end of the world and that Hellboy's role is ensure his friends survive to unable humanity to endure the end of the current age. Receiving a sword from Vasilisa, created from one of the ravens that formed Nimue's helmet, acting on the its owner's residual humanity, Hellboy uses it to kill Nimue. Emerging from her body, Nimue's spirit senses that she is being dragged to Hell by the ghosts of England's drowned witches. But Nimue refuses to die alone as she removed Hellboy's heart from his chest to take him down with her before being dragged into Hell.

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