Pluto is the former ruler of Hell before the rise of Satan and his demons. In Roman culture he was known as the Lord of the Underworld.

History Edit

Pluto was originally one of the Watchers that was cast from Earth for creating the Ogdru Jahad. He was made leader of the Watchers sentence to Hell.

After the Second Fall of the Angels, Satan and his band of followers were cast into the Pit, where they waged a thousand year war with Pluto's followers. Satan was eventually victorious and declared Hell his kingdom. The remaining Watchers from the First Fall of the Angels were enslaved and made to build Pandemonium. Pluto was the only Watcher to escape.

After Hellboy murdered Satan in his sleep, the death of the King of Hell precipitated a slave rebellion that nearly killed a majority of the demonic hierarchy.

The surviving demon lords rallied to Beelzebub's castle at the edge of Hell. Worried for their safety and the diminish fire in Hell, Beelzebub proposed to call forth Pluto so he may take Satan's place to re-establish order.

The plan to locate the former king of Hell was never carried out as the demon lords were all massacre by a combined onslaught from Hellboy and a mob of vengeful slaves.[1]

Powers & Abilities Edit

According to Beelzebub, Pluto had power to reignite Hell's power with his cold heart, He had at his command the Erinyes who sought and punished men and gods that escaped justice.[2]


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