Ota Benga is exorcist and ex-priest who is an acquaintance ofProfessor Trevor Bruttenholm and his uncle.


Ota Benga is a powerful exorcist and he was called on by Professor Bruttenholm in 1947 to exorcise the spirits of two vampires from B.P.R.D. agent Simon Anders. Although he was able to lock away the vampire spirits deep within Anders but warned the Professor that this would only be a temporary measure and that Anders should be killed before the sisters break free.

When asked by Bruttenholm, Ota Benga explained he did not wish to mee the young Hellboy and hinted to Trevor that keeping the young demon was dangerous and that, like agent Anders, he should kill the demon while he has the chance.


Ota Benga reappears in the B.P.R.D. miniseries: Exorcism.  He works with present day B.P.R.D. Agent Ashley Strode to exorcise the demon Andras from his own soul.

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