The Nidavellim or dwarves are a race of squat humanoids from one of the nine worlds of Yggdrasil.

Background Edit

The Nidavellim were a proud race of metalsmiths and armors respected in the nine worlds.

History Edit

The Nidavellim once dwelt in a separate world from Midgard, Earth. However when the age of the gods ended, their world was one of many destroyed, thus relocated to Earth as a sanctuary. The Nidavellim hid themselves in the world of man in plain sight, in Stockholm and in Copenhagen.

After Thor's body was uncovered in Stockholm, its discovery revealed the location of Thyrm's tankard which contained his soul. His loyal servants the Svartalves went to retrieve it, and also to kill Hellboy who was possessed by the spirit of the Thunderer. Eitri and Brokk however arrived and saved him, offering their services to Hellboy.

The Nidavellim aided Hellboy and his allies in seeking out Thyrm and preventing the ressurection of hs forces. At the end Hellboy gifted Eitri Mjölnir, who promised that his people would safeguard it until the spirit of the Thunderer returned. 

Source Edit

  • Hellboy:The Bones of Giants