The MonsterMen, also called Corpus Monstrum, is a comic created by Gary Gianni. The MonsterMen follow the adventures of Benidict (member of the Order Corpus Monstrum), Lawrence St. George (millionaire film mogul) and the villain Crulk.

While these stories do not take place within the Hellboy universe, their publication has been closely connected to Hellboy stories.

The following stories have been published;

  • "Silent as the Grave," published as the backup to Wake the Devil #1-5
  • "Autopsy in B-Flat," published as the backup to Almost Colossus #1-2
  • "A Gift for the Wicked," published in the Hellboy: Christmas Special which also featured "A Christmas Underground"
  • "The Skull and The Snowman," in Gary Gianni's MonsterMen which contained the backup "Goodbye Mister Tod"
  • "O Sinner Beneath Us!," published as the backup in The Wild Hunt #5-6

Gianni also published the collection Corpus Monstrum through Heironymous Press. The volume collects "Silent as the Grave" and contains the backup story "Gateway of the Monster" by William Hope Hodgson.

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