Gender Male
Species Demon
Occupation Marquis
First Comic Appearance The Universal Machine

Marchosias was a demon of Hell and the lover of Iblifika.

Background Edit

Once a powerful demon, alongside Iblifika, Marchosias fell into servitude under Adoet de Fabre some time in the 1800s. He takes the appearance of a hunch-backed dwarf wearing a crown made of wood.


In 1956 Fabre used Marchosias as his slave forcing him to serve him wine and perform other demeaning tasks. he was also forced to watch Iblifika be used at Fabre's pleasure. He witnessed his master's attempts to capture Frankenstein's Monster. After Fabre lost interest in the creature due to Iblifika damaging it, Marchosias continued to observe the creature through shards of a broken magical mirror.

By 2006, Marchosias was freed by Katherine Corrigan, who cut off one of King Solomon's nine mythical rings from Adoet and fed it to Marchosias. The demon turned back into his original form and proceeded to undo Iblifika's curse, and having their vengeance on Marchosias and his fellow tormentors. Marchosias destroyed Adoet's precious collection and bringing his former master to be punish in Hell. Before Marchosias left in the ensuing inferno he saved Kate, pushing her into a empty cabinet, as a form of repayment for freeing them.


  • The name Marchosias comes from Late Latin marchio, "marquis".

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