When Tom Ferrell met Effie Kolb, she taught him bits of witchcraft. Under her instruction, Tom boiled the meat off of the carcass of a cat, and cleaned the bones while speaking incantations. This bone became this magic charm. It was instrumental in the defeat of the Crooked Man.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

For two decades it functioned as a lucky charm, keeping Tom safe through his military service. When Tom and Hellboy where beset by a swarm of demonic animals, the bone allowed Tom to teleport them to safety.

During the confrontation with the Crooked Man and his hags, Reverend Watts imbued it with holy spirit. He and Tom then ventured to his house, where they found Witkin's demonic form. Tom threw the bone at him, killing him.


  • Cats, and especially black cats (from which the bone came) have been seen as being connected to witches for centuries. Often as a demon or an agent of the devil in feline form.
  • Bones have long been thought to be magically potent, being used in many rituals, including ones used to discern the future.

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