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Lobster Johnson is a line of comic books about the character The Lobster. It is a spin-off of the Hellboy series.

Publication HistoryEdit

The Lobster Johnson series made its debut with a short backup story, The Killer in My Skull, in Hellboy: Box Full of Evil #1. This story would later be collected in the first volume of the B.P.R.D. trades.

In September 2007, the Lobster Johnson debuted its first full miniseries, The Iron Prometheus, which would later be the first story to be released in a Lobster Johnson trade paperback.

In January 2012, Lobster Johnson returned for a new five-issue miniseries titled The Burning Hand, which takes place at the beginning of The Lobster's career. Writer John Arcudi has said the plan for future Lobster Johnson stories is to continue on chronologically from that point.

Since then there have been a few short stories with various artists. Tonci Zonjic is intended to be the main artist on Lobster Johnson, illustrating the larger miniseries, and is set to return for Get the Lobster

A full list of Lobster Johnson stories can be found here: List of Lobster Johnson stories


Although Lobster Johnson has been released as a series of miniseries and one-shots, in addition to numbers within a given miniseries, it also has an ongoing numbering system on the inside cover for the series overall.

  1. The Iron Prometheus #1
  2. The Iron Prometheus #2
  3. The Iron Prometheus #3
  4. The Iron Prometheus #4
  5. The Iron Prometheus #5
  6. The Burning Hand #1
  7. The Burning Hand #2
  8. The Burning Hand #3
  9. The Burning Hand #4
  10. The Burning Hand #5
  11. The Prayer of Neferu
  12. Caput Mortuum
  13. Satan Smells a Rat
  14. A Scent of Lotus #1
  15. A Scent of Lotus #2
  16. Get the Lobster #1
  17. Get the Lobster #2
  18. Get the Lobster #3
  19. Get the Lobster #4
  20. Get the Lobster #5
  21. A Chain Forged in Life
  22. The Glass Mantis
  23. The Forgotten Man
  24. Metal Monsters of Midtown #1
  25. Metal Monsters of Midtown #2
  26. Metal Monsters of Midtown #3
  27. Garden of Bones
  28. The Pirate's Ghost #1
  29. The Pirate's Ghost #2
  30. The Pirate's Ghost #3


Trade PaperbacksEdit

see also Lobster Johnson Trade Paperback Collections

All in-continuity Lobster Johnson stories are collected into trade paperbacks eventually. So far there have been three volumes, with a fourth scheduled for December, 2014. The standard trades usually contain a sketchbook or gallery.

Lobster Johnson CharactersEdit

Many of the characters also feature in the B.P.R.D. comics.

Main article: Lobster Johnson Characters

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