Gender Male
Species Deity
Occupation God of the Woods
Creator Mike Mignola

Leshii is a Russian spirit of the forest and a enemy of the Baba Yaga.

History Edit

Leshii lives in the dreamscape of fairy tale Russia, where he is at odds with Baba Yaga. When Hellboy was forcibly taken to Baba Yaga's realm, Leshii decided to assist the demon-spawn out of spite for the witch. Summoning his wolves, they made short work of the witch's undead warriors. He gave Hellboy one night of sanctuary in his forest and called upon Perun to bring a storm to weather Baba Yaga's army.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Leshii is a shapeshifter capable of taking the form of an old man or a massive horned bear. He also has under his command a pack of giant wolves.

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