Jan-Olaf Kjell was a local fisherman from Finland.

History Edit

Jan-Olaf lived by himself outside of Skellesvall, Finland. He was a local that mostly fished the rivers, for over forty-seven years as learned the trade from his father who taught him all the secret fishing locations. Though he was a Christian, Jan-Olaf still respected in old gods of his homeland. He was taught by his father that the gods were merely forgotten and not gone and should always be given respect. On one stormy night he witnessed a bolt of lightning repeatedly strike the same location. Jan-Olaf on one of his fishing trips decided to investigate. When he approached the site of the phenomena, he found the preserved corpse of man, wielding a mighty hammer. Jan-Olaf was in disbelief of the scene as his modern knowledge clashed with that of the ancient truth that was uncovered by a miracle.[1]

References Edit

  1. Hellboy: The Bones of Giants

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