Iosif Nichayko
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Director of the Special Sciences Service
First Comic Appearance The Abyssal Plain

Iosif Nichayko is the current Director of Russia's Special Sciences Service.

History Edit

In 1948, Iosif, a Soviet soldier, volunteered for duty with Russia's Special Sciences ServiceVarvara, Director of the SSS tasked him with protecting Melchiorre's burgonet while it was transported by submarine. He died, along with the rest of the crew, when the submarine was sunk.

Abe Sapien encountered his corpse in August 1984 when he was sent to recover Melchiorre's Burgonet from the sunken submarine. Iosif seemed to be a mindless zombie, only interested in protecting the burgonet. Abe left Iosif and the burgonet in the submarine, just before the Russian authorities launched their own recovery mission.

Iosif was taken by the S.S.S. and for a while remained unresponsive. Over time, however, he began to regain awareness. He became smarter and more ambitious, moreso than he ever was in life, eventually becoming Director of the SSS after overthrowing Varvara (whom Iosif now keeps imprisoned in a glass case in his office, alongside a few relics from his previous life).

Iosif has proven himself a very capable leader, albeit a deceitful one. 

Abilities and attributes Edit

  • Superhuman Strength - capable of tearing through a giant metal door
  • "Intimacy with death and the supernatural no one else in the Service can claim" - own words