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Inger von Klempt
Alias(es) Laura Karnstein
Gender Female
Species Mutant (previously human)
Family Herman von Klempt (grandfather)

Inger von Klempt was the granddaughter of Herman von Klempt.

History Edit

Inger von Klempt originally set herself up as a guide for Hellboy, and Roger, named Laura Karnstein. However, The Lobster later revealed Laura's true identity. At her grandfather's command, Inger dons a gas mask in order to protect herself. Later on, as a Nazi shuttle craft landed at Hunte Castle and mutated von Klempt's men, Inger begins to regret helping him. After removing her gas mask, it is revealed that Inger has been transformed into a reptile-like beast. Grigori Rasputin then appears to Inger, confirming Inger's beliefs that there is no hope reestablishing the Third Reich, and that the Conqueror Worm will destroy the world. But, she is also convinced that she is the first in a new race of humans soon to come.

Shortly after being contacted by Rasputin, Inger was found by The Lobster. She is then shot multiple times, after declaring, "I am the future!". And then, in a final act of defeat, The Lobster burned the image of the claw into her head.

Family lifeEdit

Inger von Klempt had only recently come into contact with her grandfather and thus did not anticipate his de facto betrayal of her. It is unknown if Herman von Klempt was her paternal or maternal grandfather, or what other members of her family existed.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

As a human woman Inger von Klempt had received at least some training similar to the Third Reich's. She was a poor actress, with Hellboy, Roger and the B.P.R.D. seeing through her disguise reasonably quick. Her skills at selecting workers/soldiers for her grandfather's scheme were also poor. She showed definite signs of submissiveness to her grandfather.

As a mutated humanoid she seems to have lost some of her anxiety, but none of her gullibility. Though presumably tougher than when she was human, she was still easily dispatched by The Lobster.

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