Alias(es) Iblifika
Gender Female
Species Demon
Occupation Princess
First Comic Appearance The Universal Machine

Iblifika was a demon of Hell and the consort of Marchosias.

Background Edit

Once a powerful demon princess, alongside her love Marchosias, Iblifika and her lord fell into servitude under Adoet de Fabre some time in the 1800s.

History Edit

Frankenstein Underground Edit

In 1956 Fabre tasked the demon princess in capturing Frankenstein's Monster to add to his collection of homunculi. He warned her not to damage the specimen lest their be serious consequences.

She tracked him to Mexico and appeared before the creature in a dream seducing him to come with her. However the old witch that was caring for the creature broke the spell over the creature letting him see her true visage as a demon. In rage Ibliflika threw the witch across the temple, killing her. The creature retaliate by attacking her for killing the only woman who showed him kindness. During the scuffle, the demon scratched the face of the creature, which enraged Fabre, who was scrying the events through a mirror. He forcibly summoned her back to his side.

To punish her disobedience, Fabre turned her into a crow, where she was cut repeatedly by Fabre's vampire cohorts.

The Universal Machine Edit

By 2006, she was still being tormented by Fabre's lackeys. After Katherine Corrigan released Marchosias, the demonic Marquis proceeded to undo Iblifika's curse. She transformed into a monstrous raven, and began devour her tormentors. As Fabre's home burned, both she and her lover vanished in the ensuing conflagration taking the human occultists to Hell to punish him for the years of humiliation at his hand.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Iblifika was capable of mental intrusion, able to seduce others through the mind. She was also capable of shape shifting. Able to appear like a black winged angel or a two legged giant crow.

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