Hellboy: Odd Jobs

Hellboy - Odd Jobs (Novel Cover)
Written by Yvonne Navarro, Stephen R. Bissette, Philip Nutman, Greg Rucka, Nancy Holder, Craig Shaw Gardner, Nancy A. Collins, Rick Hautala, Jim Connolly, Chet Williamson, Max Allan Collins, Mike Mignola, Christopher Golden, Matthew J. Costello, Poppy Z. Brite, and Brian Hodge
Edited by Christopher Golden
Illustrated by Mike Mignola

Hellboy: Odd Jobs is the first of three anthologies collecting non-chronological short stories written for the Hellboy novel series, based on the comic book series by Mike Mignola, who provided cover illustrations for each story.

Contents Edit

Medusa's Revenge Edit

by Yvonne Navarro

The disappearance of the residents of a village on a small Greek island leads Hellboy to investigate, suspecting that Medusa has somehow been resurrected.

Jigsaw Edit

by Stephen R. Bissette

A hospital orderly in Paris stumbles onto the preserved severed head of a heretic alchemist executed in the Middle Ages, which promises him wealth and power in exchange for small feedings of blood.

A Mother Cries At Midnight Edit

by Philip Nutman

In the late 1960's, Hellboy is called to his old stomping grounds at Los Alamos, New Mexico, where Trevor Bruttenholm's old colleague J. Robert Oppenheimer suspects a Navajo spirit of abducting a child from the base.


By Greg Rucka

Even Hellboy is not prepared for what he encounters in Manhattan: a man-sized rat, who speaks perfect English and offers to trade several rare occult books and artifacts to the Bureau.

Folie Á DeuxEdit

By Nancy Holder

1967: After interviewing two traumatized American soldiers in a field hospital in Japan, Hellboy realizes that a Vietnamese shaman has summoned an ancient demon to drive out the soldiers invading his homeland.

Demon PoliticsEdit

By Craig Shaw Gardner

Hellboy is asked by his old friend Senator Lipton (formerly Commander Freedom) to investigate his suspicions that a demon has possessed someone high up in the U.S. Government.

A Grim Fairy TaleEdit

By Nancy A. Collins

The abductions of several New York City children makes the Bureau suspect a supernatural culprit, which Hellboy identifies as a Cailleach Bheur (Blue Hag), a fairy creature walking in plain sight among unsuspecting Manhattanites.

Scared CrowsEdit

By Rick Hautala and Jim Connolly

While waiting in a bar for a midnight delivery, Hellboy regales a slightly-drunk young woman with the story of how he and a friend tracked down and killed a notorious serial killer... and then had to do so again when the killer's spirit possessed a local scarecrow.

Where Their Fire Is Not QuenchedEdit

By Chet Williamson

Investigating the burnings of several branches of a fundamentalist church denomination in North Carolina, Hellboy starts to wonder if the church is actually a cover for Satanic activity.

I Had Bigfoot's Baby!Edit

By Max Allan Collins

A disappearance in an Iowa forest leads Hellboy and Abe Sapien to find out if there is anything to the legend of Bigfoot, or if it is just an elaborate hoax.

The NuckelaveeEdit

By Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden

Hellboy has to comfort an elderly Scottish patriarch, who has become convinced that he will die soon, and the Nuckelavee - a demonic creature that has always haunted his family - is coming to claim his soul.

A Night at the BeachEdit

By Matthew J. Costello

Hellboy tangles with a sea monster living underneath the roller coaster track at Coney Island.

Burn, Baby BurnEdit

By Poppy Z. Brite

Liz Sherman tries, yet again, to leave the Bureau and find a place for herself elsewhere, with predictably tragic results.

Far Flew the Boast of HimEdit

By Brian Hodge

Investigating the gruesome murders of a troupe of medieval re-enactors in rural England, Hellboy encounters a living legend: the monster Grendel.

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