Hagan Douglas
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Crusader
Creator Mike Mignola, Richard Corben
First Comic Appearance Hellboy: The Bride of Hell #1

Hagan Douglas was a Crusader that fought in the Siege of Acre and inspiration of the Order of the Knights of Saint Hagan.


In 1291, the city of Acre was besieged by Muslim Mamelukes. In the city's outskirts, Hagan Douglas was captured and tortured by the Mamelukes before he was beheaded. His body was then sent to the city's defenders so they would severely lose morale for Hagan was regarded greatly and loved well by his men. But at the last battle for Acre, in a miraculous turn of events, Hagan's headless corpse rose to life and fought alongside the Crusaders. However, the Christians lost Acre, and Hagan's body was lost when the walls fell. Although forty-seven knights who witnessed the miracle of Hagan's resurrection survived and escaped, and founded the Order of the Knights of Saint Hagan.