Gunter Eiss
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Scientist
Creator John Arcudi, Mike Mignola
First Comic Appearance The Dead #1

Doctor Gunter Eiss was a German physicist connected to Operation Himmel-Macht.


Gunter Eiss was recruited by the German Defense Department after having finished his Ph.D in quantum mechanics at Planck University in Dresden. Eiss was among the many recruited scientists to replace those that killed in the failed Nazi space program in 1939, and assigned to Operation Himmel-Macht, the Third Reich's attempt to tap the "divine infinite" in order to win World War II. As part of the project, the Robe of Christ and the Spear of Longius were located by Nazi agents. However, due to competitions within Heinrich Himmler's Occult Bureau, Project Ragna Rok was chosen over Operation Himmel-Macht.

With the end of the war, Eiss sought to continue Operation Himmel-Macht to bring "paradise" to Earth. After having managed to track the Robe and Spear to a hidden American government facility in Colorado, Eiss applied for a job with the U.S. Defense Department so he could be transferred to the Colorado facility and covertly work on Operation Himmel-Macht in attempting to "open a door into the kingdom of heaven." For several years, Eiss continued his work until his German colleagues, who were growing suspicious, and informed the Deputy Director, leading to an immediate investigation. Unfortunately, Eiss's colleagues attempt to disarm his work, but only to cause a explosion that left Eiss the only survivor and to be trapped in the lower level of the facility for the next fifty years.

In 2004, the B.P.R.D. reopened the Colorado facility and subsequently discovered Gunter Eiss. Eiss half-lied about his story and used the Spear and Robe, completing Operation Himmel-Macht, and turning his body into a portal to allow a "seraphim" to enter the world. His body morphed into a monstrous version of his "seraphim" and was tasked in expanding the portal by using all living tissues as "building material." Johann Kraus, assisted by the ghosts of the German scientists that were killed from Eiss's work, closed the portal. Eiss was left severely burnt after reverting back to his human self and begging for help, but only to be shot in the head by Benjamin Daimio.

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