Frederich Manstein
Gender Male
Species Human
Creator Mike Mignola
First Comic Appearance B.P.R.D.: 1946 #5

Frederich Manstein was a German general who served in World War II.


Frederich Manstein was the son of a bricklayer prior to his involvement in the German military.

During World War II, Manstein was aware of the existence of Project Vampir Sturm. By the last days of the war in April 30th, 1945, Manstein was given direct orders from Adolf Hitler to unfreeze the subjects of Project Vampir Sturm and unleashed the rabid mutant vampires upon the world. But Manstein did not obeyed Hitler's orders. By then he realized the horrors committed by the Nazis and was appalled by the consequences should Project Vampir Sturm be release. Manstein then killed a Nazi youth who refused to cooperate with his intentions and sealed the room containing the vampires in the Ritter Institute for the Mentally Unstable, before leaving a letter explaining his decisions in the asylum's files. Initially, Manstein considered destroying the vampires, but he was unfamiliar with the machinery that kept the vampires frozen and feared that tampering them would likely release the creatures.

A year after the war, Manstein was captured and imprisoned by the Soviet Union's Special Sciences Service. When Professor Trevor Bruttenholm and the SSS Director Varvara discovered Project Vampir Sturm and Manstein's letter, Manstein was brought before Bruttenholm and Varvara for information on the vampires as almost all the creatures were taken by Doctor Herman von Klempt. Although baffled by how the vampires were moved, Manstein realized that the vampires are present in Berlin and that the only likely location would be the hidden bunker beneath the General Foundation for Welfare and Institutional Care. After Bruttenholm and Varvara left, Manstein was confronted and killed by the vampire Baron Konig, who is seeking vengeance on the Nazis.

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