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Female and male Elves

Elves are a type of magical creature featured in Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Their appearances often range from beautiful and very human to a strikingly unusual one.


Ancient TimesEdit

Elves are known to have existed even in the time of ancient Egyptians.

From the beginning of time elves and humans coexisted in harmony until humans, driven by their greed, started a war against magical creatures. Humans marched against the armies of magical creatures and drove them further into their territories.

Royal family

King Balor decides to build the Golden Army

The ruler of elves - king Balor - grew desperate in his attempts to save his people. All seemed lost, until a Goblin blacksmith offered the king to build an army of invincible mechanical warriors. The king's son, Prince Nuada, convinced his father to accept the offer. And so the Golden Army was built. To control it the Goblin blacksmith forged a crown that allowed the members of the royal family to command the army.


The Truce

The next battle was a decisive elven victory as the Golden army slaughtered the humans. But after seeing how merciless the army was, king Balor abandoned this path and called for the truce: the elves would hold the forests and the humans would keep control over cities. The golden army was sealed underground in Bethmora and the crown divided into three pieces: one was given to humans and the remaining two were kept by king Balor and his daughter Nuala.

Prince Nuada believed that humans would eventually betray the truce and left into an exile to return when his people needed him most.

Ever since those times the elves followed the terms of the truce.

Modern TimesEdit

Elven court

The Royal Court

Millennia later elves reside under New York City, ruled by king Balor. The monarch still honors the truce between humans and elves, though he acknowledges that what humans do is their nature. The king and his daughter Nuala still guard the two pieces of the Crown of Bethmora.

Meanwhile prince Nuada has returned with the purpose of purging the Earth of humans so that his people could prosper once again. He started his quest by infiltrating the auction house where the human piece of the crown was to be sold. Disgusted by the humans and their nature, he took the piece and released a swarm of tooth fairies that devoured all the people present. The Bureau of Paranormal Research and Defense suspected that an elf was behind this event when Abraham Sapien discovered the royal seal on the boxes where tooth fairies were contained.

Step one

Nuada reveals his intentions

Prince Nuada attended his father's court to obtain two remaining pieces of the crown. King Balor refused his son and sentenced him to death (as well as his daughter due to a link between the two siblings). Nuala was at peace with the decision, while Nuada fought through the king's elite bodyguards - the Butcher Guard. In the end of a battle Nuada killed his father, but not without remorse or grief, saying he always loved his father. Once the prince took the king's piece of crown he asked his sister to give hers, but Nuala had disappeared.

Nuada shocked

Nuada learns of Mr. Wink's death

Princess Nuala ran off to the troll market to retrieve a map leading to Bethmora, where the Golden army lies dormant. The agents of BPRD found the princess while investigating the auction house incident. Hellboy had a confrontation with prince Nuada's good friend Mr. Wink and killed him. Devastated and enraged Nuada unleashed a forest elemental to kill Hellboy. However his plan failed and the forest deity was killed. Prince Nuada tried to sway Hellboy to his side by saying that he has more in common with elves than with humans, but failed.

Royal siblings

Nuada found his sister

Thanks to their link Nuada could locate Nuala in the BPRD headquarters and infiltrate it with little difficulties. Though his sister was afraid of him, he was rather glad to see her, making her compliments on how beautiful she looks in blue. He tries to find the crown piece she hid in one of Abe's books, when she triggers the alarm. Nuada had to fight Hellboy and mortally wounded him in the process. He took his sister and left for the location of the Golden army, telling Abe to bring the crown piece if he ever wants to see Nuala again.

Prince and princess

The Army awakened

The royal siblings travelled to the city of Bethmora where the Golden army resides. Nuada has been waiting patiently for Abe Sapien to bring the remaining piece of the crown. When that happened Nuada used the crown to activate the army and ordered it to kill the agents. Knowing that the army is invincible Hellboy challenged the prince. They fought in the circle of golden soldiers until Hellboy defeated Nuada and took the crown. Not wanting to surrender Nuada attempted to backstab Hellboy, but was stopped by his sister Nuala who stabbed herself in her heart, thus killing them both. The prince and the princess turned to stone and returned to where they came from.


The elves seem to be inspired by the aos sí of Gaelic mythology and the elves of Germanic mythology; races of semi-divine beings endowed with magical powers, which they use both for the benefit and the injury of mankind, rather than the small, impish creatures of popular culture.

Appearance Edit

In the films, elves very much resemble humans, although they possess ghostly-white skin that resembles wood or marble. Their faces are etched with strange designs. They also have long silvery hair ending in gold and have eye color ranging from amber to sienna. Their ears are leaf-shaped and pointed. Born of the earth, Elves turn to stone when they die, thus returning to it.

Abilities Edit

It is not certain what skills Elves possess, or if they possess any generally special skills at all.

Long lifespanEdit

King balor

King Balor, probably the oldest elf

Elves seem to have a degree of immortality. In the film, the king and his children were said to be alive since the dawn of the earth, meaning they are extremely long lived. Unlike Tolkien's elves, they do get older and don't stay forever young and beautiful, as witnessed by king Balor's appearance. However they are not immortal and can be killed by conventional means.

Physical abilitiesEdit

Nuada the warrior

Prince Nuada was a skilled warrior

Prince Nuada of Hellboy II possessed speed, agility and fighting skills far-surpassing those of mortal men, and in some cases even Hellboy. This is shown several times in the film, such as when he infiltrates both an auction house and B.P.R.D. headquarters with virtually no difficulty. Towards the beginning of the film, he dispatches his father's butcher guards in a matter of minutes before killing his father. During their first fight, he easily wounds Hellboy, and during their second fight, still fights at the same level. Nuala also demonstrated the power to learn about other people just by using her hand.


The link

The physical aspect of the Link

Elves, as a race, also seem to be possessed of great magic and the ability to create things of great craft and enchantment, such as weapons and the Great City of Bethmora. Being the first born race, they also exhibit influence over the elements and the forces of nature, such as when Nuada summons a forest elemental and when he retrieves a metal map cylinder directly from a fire, his hand completely unharmed.

Prince Nuada and his twin sister Nuala shared a link that bonded the two on spiritual, mental and physical level. The two could feel each others' proximity, and when one was hurt the other was afflicted with an identical injury.

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