Cayetano de Povedilla Otero Antormarchi
Gender Male
Species Human
Family Olivia Dascher (lover)
Obahdas Dascher (son)
Occupation Privateer
Creator Mike Mignola
First Comic Appearance Get the Lobster!

Cayetano de Povedilla Otero Antormarchi was a 18th century privateer known as "El Bogavante" (Spanish for "The Lobster").


Antormarchi was the commander of the Black-Fish and was renown for his pronounced brutality. This was especially true in instances where his victims offered no resistance. The reason for his nickname "El Bogavante" is not well documented though many believed it is due to a claw-shaped birthmark or tattoo on the back of his right hand that gave him his nickname.

In 1810, Antormarchi's pirating days ended when his ship was overtaken off the coast of Monterrey by the U.S.S. Narwhal. By all accounts, Antormarchi fought ferociously and deftly for hours. He was not captured, and his death was never confirmed. Allegedly on the same night of the battle, Antormarchi was seen in St. Croix where he spent the night at the brothel of one of his many paramours, Olivia Dascher, until the next morning his body was beheaded. Whatever occurred on that night, Dascher gave birth to twin boys, one of them was named Obahdas.