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Duncan Fegredo is a comic book artist born in Leicester in 1964.


Fegredo first managed to get into comics after showing his portfolio around UKCAC in 1987 and meeting Dave Thorpe. Together they worked on a strip for a short lived British magazine called Heartbreak Hotel. After this, Fegredo worked for Crisis for Fleetway before working on Kid Eternity at DC Comics with writer Grant Morrison. He then worked with writer Peter Milligan on Enigma, an eight-issue miniseries for DC's Vertigo imprint. At 2000 AD he worked on Judge Dredd and a couple of other titles.

Other notable work includes the comic-book versions of Kevin Smith's Jay and Silent Bob characters, Shade the Changing Man and Ultimate Adventures.

Hellboy WorkEdit

Duncan Fegredo began working in the Hellboy Universe when he took over the duties of ongoing Hellboy artist from Mike Mignola for Darkness Calls. He stepped down as ongoing artist when he finished The Fury, but has remained a part of the Hellboy team drawing covers for B.P.R.D. stories and is scheduled to do the interior art for more stories set in the Hellboy Universe.

Interior ArtistEdit

Cover ArtistEdit


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