Demons are a race of supernatural beings who delight in evil, violence, and chaos. Demons reside in Hell but can travel to and from the Earth. They do this frequently so as to cause all manners of mischief and evil upon the human race.


There are numerous ranks and titles amongst demons. The chief amongst them is Satan, the ruler of Hell who rebelled against God and was cast into the Abyss to forever dwell in chains and fire. However, Satan refused to be bound by his fate and declared himself a king while building up his city of Pandemonium. Satan then slept for 2000 years in his chamber underneath Pandemonium.

Below Satan, the hierarchy amongst demons is believed to be:

  • Grand Duke
  • Prince
  • Duke
  • Marquis
  • Earl
  • Knight
  • Minor demon


There is much variation as to how demons appear.  While most appear to follow some basic patterns such as glowing eyes, horns, and wings this is subject to change as demons are shape-changers and can appear in the form of man, beast, or some cross between.

The more minor demons seem to have a uniform appearance. They are smaller creatures with red skin, horns, wings, and a skull-like face.


  • Magic
  • Immortality or Longevity
  • Shape-changing

Known DemonsEdit

  • Astaroth - Grand Duke of the Infernal Regions (deceased)
  • Azzael -  Prince of Sheol (imprisoned alive for eternity)
  • Gamon - son of Azzael (deceased)
  • Lusk - son of Azzael (deceased)
  • Gamori - daughter of Azzael
  • Hellboy - son of Azzael, half human, Beast of the Apocalypse
  • Marchosias - Prince of Hell
  • Agares - Prince of Hell (deceased)
  • Semyaza - Prince of Hell (deceased)
  • Orabas - Prince of Hell (deceased)
  • Suriel - Prince of Hell (deceased)
  • Beleth - Prince of Hell (deceased)
  • Iblifika - Marchosias' Princess
  • Amdusias - Duke of Hell
  • Shax - Marquis of Hell
  • Andras - Marquis of Hell (deceased)
  • Varvara - 7th Lord of Hell and Former member of demonic trinity and former director of the Russia's Special Sciences Service (imprisoned)
  • Moloch - "The Abomination of the Children of Ammon"
  • Asmodeus - (deceased)
  • Sybacco
  • Leviathan
  • Mammon
  • Haborym
  • Eligos - former Duke of Hell and Knight of the Order of the Fly (imprisoned by Sir Edward Grey)
  • Ualac - minor demon and temporary Beast of the Apocalypse (imprisoned by Astaroth)
  • Jeremiah Witkins (deceased)

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