Bprd catlett (By Peter Snejbjerg)
Gender Male
Occupation BPRD Field Agent
Creator Mike Mignola, John Arcudi, Peter Snejbjerg
First Comic Appearance War on Frogs #4

Catlett (first name unknown) is a B.P.R.D. agent and minor character in the BPRD series, appearing in War on Frogs.


Agent Catlett is part of a BPRD field team sent to clean out a frog nest in Kansas during the war on frogs in 2006. After quickly destroying the frogs, Johann Kraus orders Catlett to torch the bodies with a flamethrower. However, the ghosts of the frogs remain uneseen by everyone except Johann. After the mission Catlett becomes critically ill with an unknown affliction. Johann discovers the frog ghosts are inducing Catlett's illness in order to blackmail Johnann into helping their spirits move on. After a brief discussion with Ben Daimio, Johann is persuaded into helping the ghosts. With his hand forced, Johann risks his very soul in helping the frog spirits transcend. Daimio informs Johann that Catlett has recovered.


  • After presumably returning to active duty, Catlett has yet to appear again in any BPRD comics. The doctor attending to Catlett refers to him as 'Private Catlett', suggesting he is probably a former soldier recruited from the military during the frog war.

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