Alias(es) Balam the Great; Balam the Terrible
Gender Male
Species Demon
Occupation Marquis of Hell
Creator Mike Mignola
First Comic Appearance The Exorcist

Balam was a Marquis of Hell and a knight in the Order of the Fly.

History Edit

The Exorcist Edit

Balam was once a Marquis of Hell, however in Yamsay, Oregon, he was ensnared by a mortal named Eustace Coupland, who made a deal with the demon. For his freedom Balam would show him where the riches of the Earth were in Yamsay. In addition Eustace would provide the demon with a fresh soul for him to feed on as a tribute once a year. Eustace was suppose to free the demon until the end of his days, however the man took his life before completing the task. Thus Balam was forced to remain imprisoned, however Balam had enough power to manipulate Eustace's daughter to bring him more sacrifices, even after her death. It was his intention to absorb enough souls to free himself from his prison.

Then Balam began to hear whispers from Hell: the death of Satan and the slave uprising. Realizing that the lords of Hell had fled, Balam began to quicken his pace for freedom so that he may walk the Earth once more. He compelled his slave to gather more children for him to devour.

Eventually his activities caught the attention of Ashley Strode of the B.P.R.D. She found him in an underground chamber beneath the Coupland's estate. Due to the cage he was in, he was compelled to reveal the truh to her. He attempted to claim her as his vessel so he may escape, however Ashley used her spiritual sword and slayed him ending his threat to the world.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Balam was a powerful demon that commanded forty legions in Hell. According to himself, Balam had the ability of limited precognition, mortals would worship and entreat him for power or glimpses of the future. He was also capable of shapeshifting.

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