Adoet de Fabre
Gender Male
Species Human
Occupation Marquis
First Comic Appearance The Universal Machine

Adoet de Fabre was a collector of supernatural creatures and artifacts in the late 15th century, and the marquis of the Duchee of Fabre in France (present day Ableben). Through supernatural means Adoet made himself immortal.


The eccentric collector Adoet de Fabre compiled a menagerie of rare animals, including a mandrill monkey (thought to be a werewolf by the villagers of his time). In the summer of 1491, when children in the duchee begin disappearing, the villagers of Fabre implicated Adoet and his animals. The villagers stormed Adoet's castle and during the conflict a massive storm erupted, destroying the castle and duchee. Adoet went missing and the remaining villagers abandoned Fabre as a cursed land.

In the 16th century, Pope Sixtus V dispelled the curse on the ruins of the duchee. People resettled the area and rebuild it as the town of Ableben. Eventually, Adoet resurfaced and enslaved the townsfolk, transforming them into werewolf thralls (presumably using his enthralled demons). In his town, Adoet continued his collection, which includes a set of homunculi and a rare version of The Secret Fire.

By the 20th century, Adoet resurfaced as a book dealer named Thierry. In 1956, Adoet was observing Frankenstein's Monster and became fascinated of such a being similar to a Homunculus in which he wanted it in his collection. He dispatched his chained demon Iblifika into capturing the creature precisely alive and unharmed. However, Iblifika was forced to attack and maiming the creature which infuriated Adoet, who then called back Iblifika to punish her at the hands of his vampire servants.

In 2006, Adoet lured Field Director Kate Corrigan and B.P.R.D. agent Andrew Devon (who was a freelance consultant at the time) to Ableben via a leaked story about his copy of the The Secret Fire, which purportedly holds the secret to restoring the life of Roger the Homunculus. When Corrigan and Devon arrive, Adoet kidnapped Kate in an attempt to ransom her life for either Roger's remains or Abraham Sapien, either of whom will be added to Adoet's collection. Recognizing that Adoet's ring was one of King Solomon's nine mythical rings and deducing that Adoet's powers stemmed from enthralled demons, Corrigan breaks Adoet's spell when she cuts the fingers off his hand using a pilfered table knife. Freed from Adoet's control, the demons Marchosias and Iblifika freed Kate, destroyed Adoet's collection, and dragged the collector to Hell to exact their revenge.

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