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Abe Sapien is a line of comic books about the character Abe Sapien on his solo adventures. It is a spin-off of the Hellboy series.

Publication HistoryEdit

The Abe Sapien series made its debut with Drums of the Dead in March 1998. This first story, along with the second Abe Sapien story, Abe Sapien versus Science, was collected in the first B.P.R.D. trade paperback, Hollow Earth & Other Stories.

From The Drowning onwards, Abe Sapien titles were released in their own trade paperbacks. The series was released sporadically, with a different artist on each new story, until Dark and Terrible.

With the Dark and Terrible, the series will undergo a major change. Like Hellboy in Hell and B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth, the series is becoming an ongoing rather than a series of miniseries. Dark and Terrible shifts the stories from flashbacks to running in parallel with the events of B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth. The book will have a more frequent release schedule, coming out on an almost monthly basis, except for a few short breaks. There will also be a regular art team with brothers Sebastian Fiumara and Max Fiumara, who will alternate on art duties for each arc for the foreseeable future.

A full list of Abe Sapien stories can be found here: List of Abe Sapien stories

Types of StoriesEdit

The first two trades feature flashback stories set in the 1980s. Future stories will be set parallel to the ongoing storyline of B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth.


Although Abe Sapien has been released as a series of miniseries and one-shots, in addition to numbers within a given miniseries, it also has an ongoing numbering system on the inside cover for the series overall. The first Abe Sapien story, Drums of the Dead, was unnumbered.

Beginning with Dark and Terrible, Abe Sapien became an ongoing series. In addition to the internal ongoing numbering, it now bears an ongoing numbering on the cover as as part of this shift.

  1. The Drowning #1
  2. The Drowning #2
  3. The Drowning #3
  4. The Drowning #4
  5. The Drowning #5
  6. The Haunted Boy
  7. The Abyssal Plain #1
  8. The Abyssal Plain #2
  9. The Devil Does Not Jest #1
  10. The Devil Does Not Jest #2
  11. Abe Sapien #1: Dark and Terrible (Part 1)
  12. Abe Sapien #2: Dark and Terrible (Part 2)
  13. Abe Sapien #3: Dark and Terrible (Part 3)
  14. Abe Sapien #4: The New Race of Man (Part 1)
  15. Abe Sapien #5: The New Race of Man (Part 2)
  16. Abe Sapien #6: The Shape of Things to Come (Part 1)
  17. Abe Sapien #7: The Shape of Things to Come (Part 2)
  18. Abe Sapien #8: The Land of the Dead
  19. Abe Sapien #9: To the Last Man (Part 1)
  20. Abe Sapien #10: To the Last Man (Part 2)
  21. Abe Sapien #11: To the Last Man (Part 3)
  22. Abe Sapien #12: The Garden
  23. Abe Sapien #13


Trade PaperbacksEdit

see also Abe Sapien Trade Paperback Collections

All in-continuity Abe Sapien stories are collected into trade paperbacks eventually. So far there has been two volumes. The standard trades usually contain a sketchbook or gallery.

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